Tasmania High Conservation Value Forests

Lynx Geosystems has created an interactive online map for Environment Tasmania and the Wilderness Society showing their HCV (high conservation value) areas:  http://www.lynxgeos.com/HCVmap/

Note how this map shows “Polygons with Holes”, not a trivial feat.   Select the last item on the list on the left (Wlelangta) to see an example of this in action:

From the Wilderness Society:
John Middendorf has exceptional skills at developing online maps as well as excellent ideas about how to make the most of this technology. The High Conservation Value Forest online interactive map John created for the Wilderness Society has proved invaluable for allowing the public to easily access and understand a large amount of complex data, something that normally requires specialist skills and software. John’s professionalism is evident in the presentation and elegant interface of his work, and the attention to detail and accuracy. Furthermore, John is efficient, reliable and a pleasure to work with.
Nick Fitzgerald
Wild Island Project Coordinator
The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc.

For a searchable Forest Coupe map, see (without HCV areas) at:
Note: the Coupe data is for 2010-2012 and is slightly different for each map above. One data set came from the Wilderness Society, and the other from Environment Tasmania. Both were derived using different methods from the Forestry Tasmania website.

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